Shaoxing County Haosuihao Textile Co.,Ltd is located in the Asia’s largest textile distribution center –China Textile City. It has developed into a comprehensive one in research&development, manufacturing, marketing&service, and the qualification of independent international trading.. The company mainly exports a series of latest women’s fabrics,for example cotton, polyester, rayon,and etc, and processed& further processed in printing and dyeing. After years of practice, we have developed a professional team capable of meeting a variety of clients’ needs. Our products have been widely exporting to the districts and countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, and have been received outstanding feedbacks from clients worldwide.

Copyright Shaoxing County HaoSuiHao Textile Co., Ltd
Technical support:Ding Qi network

Add:No.2F-20,B Building,World Trade Center, KeQiao,China Textile City,ShaoXing County
Tel:86-575-85582996 & 85681829
Fax:86-575-85583079 & silvertu5088@

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